COOLMOON RA-2 RAM Memory Bank Heat Sink Cooler


  • 6 Month Warranty.


COOLMOON RA-2 RAM Memory Bank Heat Sink Cooler ARGB Colorful Flashing Heat Spreader For PC Desktop Computer Accessories
1. 5V ARGB memory stick cooler, support for aura 5V synchronization.
2. Light guide bar with broken diamond cutting process, brilliant light effect.
3. multi-interface design, can be multiple serial connection, strong expansion line.
4. strong compatibility: support desktop high, medium and short memory strips bare, single and double-sided particles memory can be installed.

Color: Red, Grey (Optional)
Model: RA-2
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Rated current: 0.21A
Light type: ARGB
Number of lamp beads: 10pcs
Interface type: 3PINx2+4PINx1
Wire length: 500±10%mm
Product size: 135x50x9mm


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